Monday, November 15, 2010

Cisco Anti-spam breakthrough rumors

Cisco Anti-spam breakthrough rumors

I've seen a few news stories claiming that Cisco in on the verge of a breakthrough to block spam at the router level. You know, for the technically unsavvy, it's the place where all the IP packets get routed across the Internet? For those even less technically inclined, it's those magical little boxes that send & deliver data across the Internet. Ok, for the really technically challenged stone-agers who still pay their bills with envelopes and stamps (and not online like any sane person), think of routers as kind of like the postman that routes mail to you.

Imagine if the postman had the ability to automatically throw away junk mail for you before it reached your mailbox. Hey, wait a minute, that's a great idea! Unfortunately, the postal service makes a lot of money on those junk flyers. Maybe my postman can be bought off to screen my junk mail. Is bribing a federal United States Postal carrier a crime? Hmmm... I wonder.

Anyway. If memory serves me correctly, Cisco claims the Internet is 80% Cisco routers, which means in theory Cisco could block a heck of a lot of spam before it even reaches your mail server.

Well, if Cisco has found a way to block spam at the router level, then a Marine "Hoorah" is in order! Or a Homer Woohoo! Take your pick... I'll be screaming both of these if it's true. I am an anti-spam zealot to the extreme!

Or as this article states, "Come on, the Cisco kids! ... Go Cisco go!"

LOL! They're cheering Cisco. That's kinda like cheering for Microsoft, but I'm with them, go Cisco GO!!!

Check it out:
Cisco on verge of anti-spam router breakthrough?

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