Monday, November 15, 2010

Verizon Business Trials Cloud-Based Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service

Verizon Business Trials Cloud-Based Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service

Verizon Business takes aim at the hosted unified communications space using Cisco's UC and collaboration solutions. Hosted UC is going to be a fast growing market segment, so this is a smart move by Verizon Business. Interesting that they chose Cisco over Microsoft (OCS/MCS) as their first partner. Perhaps Microsoft OCS support is coming, or perhaps Cisco will be their exclusive hosted partner.

Check out the news:

Verizon Business Customers to Trial Cloud-Based Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service

Company Is First U.S.-Based Global Service Provider to Conduct Field Trials of Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution

To help organizations accelerate the adoption of unified communications and improve performance, Verizon Business will be the first U.S.-based global service provider to deliver Cisco unified communications and collaboration applications in the cloud "as-a-service."

The company next month will begin field trials of the new Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution, introduced today at the Cisco Live! networking event in Las Vegas. The two-month trial will enable participants to see how cloud-based UC&C capabilities can be quickly and cost-effectively used by multiple employees across an enterprise. Since the applications reside in the network, or cloud, organizations can activate employee subscriptions to some or all of the available services, as needed, and pay for the services, once commercialized, on a per-user basis. There is also no need to purchase additional computer hardware and software.

Among the participants in the trial are a multinational auto manufacturer, a women's fashion retailer and a state government agency. They will employ Verizon Business solutions based on Cisco UC&C capabilities in the cloud, using the technology foundations of Cisco Unified Service Delivery.

"Our customers are eager to put cloud-based unified communications to the test," said Anthony Recine, vice president of networking and communications solutions for Verizon Business. "Verizon Business' field trial of Cisco's Hosted Collaboration Solution builds on a proven track record the two companies have established in developing and delivering innovative solutions to market. It is the latest initiative of Verizon Business' continuing effort to lead the industry toward delivering 'everything-as-a-service' to our customers worldwide."

Verizon Business is evolving to an everything-as-a-service (EaaS) model in which cloud-based, converged solutions are delivered with built-in security via managed and professional services over the company's global IP network. Verizon is assembling the key components of that unique and powerful approach to serving enterprises, and this field trial of Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution is another step in that evolution. The EaaS platform - with Verizon's global IP network and data centers as its foundation - will enable enterprises to do business better by getting what they need, when they need it, where they need it. Visit the Verizon IT Solutions & Hosting website for more information.

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