Monday, July 5, 2010

Optimmism over phishing

Forbes has an article up with a ridiculous title (Feds Feebily Fight Phising) but it raises some good points.

It first starts off with the idea that Senator Patrick J. Leahy's proposal to make specific laws against phishing might have good intentions but aren't necessarily the way to go. It then goes on to talk about ways that one might look to make money from the surge in data privacy issues, and then closes with the optimistic view that someone will soon invent a way to make data more secure (why not instead make a way that prevents users from easily giving up their information to random people... that's probably much harder).
Forbes of course comes at it from the perspective of where to invest - thinking that certain public companies may be the ones to create this new idea and therefore are good places to invest. That remains to be seen at this point.

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