Monday, July 5, 2010

Wired article on pop-up ads (with pop-ups)

This Wired article about pop-up ads being found annoying by consumers and how sites are slowly catching on is not necessarily new news.

What is new though is the update at the bottom where the author apologies for the ironic tone the article strikes (unintentionally) by having pop-up ads on the site. I didn't see any, but then I use Safari which blocks them. There is also the possibility that the people complaining have spyware which is feeding it to them.
I suspect that Wired, if they don't have their heads up their asses, are at least going to turn off pop-ups for that particular page.
Please comment if you are getting pop-ups going there. And like I said before, we will never have pop-ups here, if you are getting them on this site, it is most definitely spyware (that goes for annoying banner ads filling the top of the screen which I have seen on user machines before too).
The only ads that you will see on this site are those in the right-hand column because I have seen that they are seen as useful by enough of the audience to merit them, and are the least offensive way for me to try to make some money to cover bandwidth/server fees (trust me, not much comes in on those).

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