Monday, July 5, 2010

Thorough review of anti-spam techniques for blog spam

This is really excellent and I wish I had thought some of these up myself. Over at, there is a fantastic write-up on various ways to try to block comment spam.

I definitely might be trying a few of these out here and on my other blogs. Even with MT-Blacklist, there are still a few ways that spam comments get annoying since MT-Blacklist has not enabled all of the same features in the new version that they had in the old version.

Most of the are either nothing new or overkill on top of an existing idea, but some of them are just excellent - particularly this one:

Logged the number of keypresses made when entering comments. Any comments where it’s less than two are rejected.

Now for the most part, if the spammer custom writes the bot to spam your page, then they could get around any of these. But generally speaking the spammer is just using the same bot on all sites and frequently are not even smart enough to write the code and is just using something someone else wrote.

Feel free to post up more ideas of your own if you have better suggestions.

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