Tuesday, September 14, 2010

50 Billion Spam a Day

Regardless of whether this is FUD or not, there is growing talk in the IT/email world over whether or not a US court blocking Spamhaus (via removal of ownership rights to their domain name through ICANN).
This all stemming from Spamhaus marking a company (e360insight) as a spammer in their blacklist database that is published for the world to see and use for their own blacklist purposes. e360insight then sued Spamhaus for over $17M in damages, claiming that they are not spammers and due to this improper listing they have lost legitimate revenue, and a US court has sided with e360insight. Spamhaus then essentially said that since they are not a US group, they see no reason to pay. This is where the concern that instead the US court will step in and block their domain via the ICANN.

Opinions range on the outcome of this, as you can imagine a lot of them varying in severity by how much the person/group giving the opinion stands to benefit from the spam problem getting significantly worse due to this.

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