Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MySpace Scam Emails

A company who makes money offering technology services to avoid spam and email scams, Espion International Inc., has announced that they have found a MySpace Scam Email circulating and they say it is the first of that particular type.
From the press release:

The trapped email looked like a legitimate message from MySpace with the subject reading - "New message from Richard on MySpace sent on Oct 05 15:40:00 -4 2006". The spoofed message even contained real MySpace addressing, copyright and privacy information taken from legitimate MySpace "New message" notifications.

"When someone sends you a message on MySpace, your registered email account is sent a notification email containing a link to your new message. In this case, the link is malicious and tries to steal your personal information," said MySpace user Kurt Thayer. The MySpace Scam Site was taken offline soon after the email was trapped due to an overwhelming amount of traffic."

As it says there, the original site was taken offline, but there are potentially more on the way like this. This is not really anything new - there are always new scams coming out based on whatever is popular at the moment since that is what is likely to get people to read the email and act on it.
Also note that this is a press release from a company who makes money off of you paying them to help you prevent seeing emails like this.

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