Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Subliminal ads in spam

This actually was news a few weeks ago, but I wasn't posting here again at that point. The issue is that some spammers have latched on to the concept of flashing content at you in the hopes that your conscious mind might not see it, but your subconscious will and then act on that without you realizing why you are doing it.
The idea of seeing a frame in a movie where it shows some product just for a flash and then you have a craving to buy that product - supposedly they did this with Coke and popcorn during movies.

Studies have shown that it doesn't really work any better than regular ads and that people tend to buy the products that they were inclined to buy in the first place, so the "trick" ad isn't changing their minds.

AdRants has a post up about this that also has a shot of the animated GIF used in the stock spam that was sent out.

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