Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sounds like they need better filters

Management Issues (sounds like a counseling service) has an article up on their site citing a study done by web security group Panda GateDefender Performa. In it, they say porn and spam are the biggest time wasters in the workplace:

Spam is another major time-water, making up an estimated 21 per cent of email reaching companies, Panda said. Some five per cent of all traffic is also infected by some type of malware.

In addition, almost 40 per cent of internet use in companies was non-work related – with most visits to pornographic web pages occurring during working hours.

If that is the case for a company, then they really need to look at firewall solutions that allow them to control what websites the employees are going to, and to manage the incoming flow of spam. There are plenty of solutions out there these days that would dramatically reduce those figures, and they are reasonable in cost (considering the savings that this study would indicate is achieved by blocking that content).
Mind you, the people who did the study stand to benefit from the results - if more time is wasted, then more money should be spent on their services to help stop the waste, right?

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