Monday, March 8, 2010

Clearswift's Spam Index, sex sells

Not a big surprise here, but Clearswift's Spam Index tracks what the current trends in spam are showing and it appears that there is a surge in "lonely housewife" spam.
I have noticed an increase in spam which is actually getting through my filters and it looks very much like a human written note in a personal ad sort of way - but then the links are all to porn sites.

I think by now the readers of this blog know that if something is showing up more in spam - that means it is working. Spammers have seen that they can make more money with this technique, hence its new popularity.
Now that begs the question - is it working because people are more likely to pay for what it is selling, or is it working because it is more likely to get through the spam filters?

Either way, it doesn't really matter since spam filters will adapt to this in a short period of time and something new will come out - but for the next few weeks, expect even more of this spam as more spammers get on the bandwagon.

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