Saturday, March 6, 2010

Emailed malware has peaked?

The person who caught the first malware mass mailed program "Melissa" has recently made the announcement that from what he sees, he thinks that emailed malware has peaked.

Unfortunately, that doesn't really mean much for us. Even though it may have peaked, it is still out there in massive numbers. On top of that, there is still a massive audience it will reach who still don't understand how it works even on the most basic level, and so they still routinely fall for it (I have to tell my users over and over how spam and mass mailed worms like this work, and they never get it - I've largely given up at this point).
So as long as you have a very large, and extremely uneducated (not in the schooling sense, but in the fact that they don't bother to learn even vaguely how a system works, and therefore how to avoid these problems), then you are going to have a subset of people who will exploit flaws in the system to try to make money off of these people.

So while that type of malware delivery may have peaked, it does not mean that spam or malware has peaked at all - and surely there is something just around the corner being thought up right now.

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