Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wireless Security

Computer users looking for convenience and mobility switch tosatellite Internet. This includes going wireless which allows business travelers to use wireless blackberries to check their emails, vacationers to upload snapshots on their wireless laptops to show friends at home, consumers to make online payments from the comfort of their bed, and much more.

A wireless network can link up computers in different parts of your home, without a the need of a cord or a physical medium. To find out what you need to go wireless read our article What is Wireless Network?

Although, accessing the Internet wireless, proves convenient it also has its downside of being susceptible to hackers, particularly if you don't take the steps to secure your wireless network. So, learn some easy and quick steps to secure your network and about information systems security.

With the convenience of wireless Internet,satellite Internet or any Internet connection for your family, comes the issue of child security. Make sure you know what websites you're children are accessing to keep them safe from predators lurking around in chat rooms, social networking sites, and to prevent them from surfing sites with adult conduct.

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