Monday, March 8, 2010

What's that say? Oh right, "V1@gRa" - got it.

SophosLabs has out a report they ran which shows the words used in spam which are mangled in order to disguise them and get them by the spam filters. It looks like even though Viagra was at the top of the list in previous studies done over the years, Cialis has now taken top "honors".

Before giving you the list of the top 25 words which are disguised in spam emails, the report adds "NOTE: Information contained in this report may be considered offensive by some customers." The reason for that of course is that sex sells - pretty much all of the words on that list are either directly related to sex, or are drugs related to sex.

I'm curious how the pharmaceutical companies see this. Sure, their public facing comments have to be that they are against spam and they likely very much are against it since they don't want to taint their image (or rather have it tainted by others in the case of spam). But I imagine it also serves as a large indicator of popular opinion as well - whatever spam words are hot are words which will make money. That means Cialis is currently more likely to make money than Viagra.

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