Monday, March 8, 2010

IBM enters the world of anti-spam

IBM has created something called "FairUCE" (Fair use of Unsolicited Commercial Email). According to this article, the technique sounds similar to Domain Keys and Sender ID techniques - although different in that it is analyzing the IP of the sender and then the IP of the domain it claims to be from to look for discrepancies. Then on top of that it adds in a challenge/response system if the lookup on the headers fails the tests run on it.
That last part is causing a lot of confusion and anger - people tend not to like the challenge/response systems, and there is currently a misconception about FairUCE in that it is setup to flood the spammers back if they fail the test - but IBM is saying this is not true and that it is just part of the challenge/response system.
FairUCE also has whitelists and blacklists, as do most spam systems, so that mail can bypass the processing stage if it is known to be a good/bad sender.

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