Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Are tougher laws in Canada making for less spam?

Slashdot has a discussion of whether or not spam volume is actually down in Canada or not - and if it is down, is it because of very strict laws in place to deter spammers?
While personally I am all for anything that will lower the amount of spam sent out, I am not particularly impressed by spam laws. They work very well for allowing prosecution of spammers in your region, but spam is a global problem. You can get spam from someone in another country just as easily as you could from someone who lives next door to you. But that person who lives in another country isn't likely to face the same legal hammer that your neighbor would were he spamming.
As we have pointed out on here before, some feel that better spam filters and technology are what should be attributed for the lower numbers. If that is the case, why aren't the numbers down on a global scale? Is Canada using something better than the rest of us? Or were they simply late adopters of the filters and so are just delayed in experiencing their benefits?

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