Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sooner rather than later

Well, I couldn't wait, so I installed MT-Keystrokes and tested it out. I thought I might be able to test it by just pasting in text into the form, but on the MT-Keystrokes page it does allude to the fact that it might allow this to count. So I suppose the real test is holding out and looking for comment spam to show up.I have actually been having a dearth of it on this blog as it was and nearly all of it has been Trackback spam.
So now moving on to the next one to resolve that...
I started looking at MT-Moderate and noticed this bit here:
If you ever decide that you don't want to moderate either your comments or trackbacks, simply remove the corresponding module. Let's say that you want to moderate trackbacks, but don't care about comments, then you would remove from your server. Other way around? Get rid of the other file ( instead.
Which is especially relevant since on the blog which I referenced in the last post the author noted that it would be nice to be able to turn off the comment checking so as to avoid issues with MT-Blacklist which otherwise occur.
I will be installing that shortly. I decided to give the numeric one a miss for now since I don't immediately see the need for that on any of my blogs at this point, especially if these other two work out.

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