Wednesday, August 4, 2010

VoIP, more spam coming your way

Over on Slashdot there is something up about how telemarketers can dodge the few things which may prevent them from phoning you these days by going VoIP and outsourcing. No longer having to worry about the legal restraints (since they aren't technically phoning you by the methods those laws apply to), or the monetary hinderances of long distance, telemarketers can no phone from overseas in cheap locales and do what they do best - annoying the hell out of everyone.Keep in mind that sadly the worst part of this is that it will work, just the same way that spam does. People actually buy from them, so they make money, so they keep doing it and worse yet, it draws in competition - meaning even more annoyances. And where there are people trying to sell you something, there are people trying to scam you out of your money as well.Same techniques, just different technology - whether it be instant messages, voicemail, person to person, regular mail, email, or anything else that comes up over time - the key is making it cheap and easy for them to do (reminds me of a Jamie Kennedy joke about how the days of carrier pigeons likely made for more thought out and necessary letters than today's email age).

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