Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Political figures, above the spam laws

This has happened before, for example recently in Australia and America, but it seems that certain government officials feel that they can send out spam and it is okay. In this case it was in Scotland, the Prime Minister sent out election related spam.
The Prime Minister was today accused of sending out “spam” – unsolicited and unwanted emails – in a bid to win votes in the run-up to the general election campaign.
Tory MP Michael Fabricant (Lichfield) claimed that although the messages began with the words “Dear Labour supporter” and are signed by the Prime Minister, he knew of recipients who belonged to other parties.
Mr Fabricant, shadow industry and technology minister, said: “DTI Ministers have publicly condemned spam, which now accounts for over 75% of all emails world-wide and could clog the internet by 2006. Now Blair is contributing to this, too.
“Interestingly, I have not yet received one of these emails. It has probably been automatically junked by the House of Commons spam filter alongside adverts for American drugs and products to improve my sex life.”
I suppose it is only wrong when someone else is doing it to you then?

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